Sausage & Cheddar- $2.5

Sausage Cheddar w/ Jalapeno- $2.6

Mini Sausage & Cheddar- $0.95

Bacon & Cheddar- $2.89

Ham & Swiss- $2.89

Gouda & Cream Cheese (Vegetarian)- $2.89

Spinach & Artichoke (Vegetarian)- $2.89

Sausage Gravy (Our homesyle peppermill sausage gravy wrapped up nicely in a sweet and savory bun!) - $2.4

Kick Ranchero (a special mixture of egg, diced potatoes, cheddar cheese, bacon and spicy homemade salsa!) - $2.6

The Eggniter (a baked egg nested into an open faced kolache with American cheese and bacon!)- -$3.29

White Cheddar Brioche (a savory croissant-style dough, flavorly infused with sharp white cheddar!) -$2.49

For any questions related to ingredients or food allergies, please give us a call!

We welcome your questions, please see our 'Come On In' page for complete contact information